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New Hanover Regional Medical Center Brings Mission into Motion as Title Sponsor of Wrightsville Beach Marathon

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Marisa Madia
March 7, 2017


Wilmington, NC – As part of its new mission, Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health, New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) will be the official naming sponsor of the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, it was announced today.  NHRMC will replace QuintilesIMS as title sponsor beginning in 2018.

“We are thankful for seven amazing years from QuintilesIMS and are thrilled to see them pass the baton to New Hanover Regional Medical Center,” said Tom Clifford, Event Director.

The 8th annual event weekend takes place March 25, 2017 and features a full marathon, half marathon, relay, Susan G. Komen Wilmington Race for the Cure ® 5K, and 1-mile fun run.  With the full marathon sold out and less than 120 spots remaining in the half, NHRMC will announce its title sponsorship to a record number of runners and spectators.

“NHRMC is such a valuable partner in events of this scale,” continued Clifford. “Our staff, volunteers, and runners can expect many more great years ahead as the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Wrightsville Beach Marathon!”

“NHRMC is proud to support this local marathon,” said John Gizdic, CEO and President of New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  “This event embodies the heart of our new mission.  Engaging our community in physical activity helps promote well-being, and supporting this event also ensures we continue to focus on the economic development of this region.”

QuintilesIMS, the event’s title sponsor since its inception in 2010, will co-brand the 2017 race with NHRMC before passing the naming rights on for 2018 and beyond.

In addition to its new name, the Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness has found a new home, with the packet pickup and finish line moving from Mayfaire Town Center to UNCW’s campus.  The pre-event expo and packet pickup will be held in the Burney Center on Friday, March 24th, and runners will experience a scenic finish along Chancellor’s Walk on Saturday, March 25th.

The event has raised nearly $300,000 for local charities in its seven-year history, and the 2016 Marathon Madness Weekend brought over 3,500 runners and their families to the Wilmington area.

About the Wrightsville Beach Marathon

The Wrightsville Beach Marathon is the largest running event in Wilmington, North Carolina and generates millions of dollars in economic impact each year. Net proceeds from the event benefit numerous local charities, including the Landfall Foundation. For more information, please visit


New Hanover Regional Medical Center is the leading provider of quality and accessible health care in southeastern North Carolina, delivering care to all in need, without the support of taxpayer dollars. The medical center is an economic engine for the community, creating more than 6,000 jobs directly and another 6,000 jobs indirectly.


2015 Boston Qualifiers

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Name Age CITY/STATE TagTime Pace GunTime Pace

FEMALE: 18 – 34

KAREN ECKBERG 30 WILMINGTON NC 2:58:59 6:50 2:59:08 6:51
KEELY ECKBERG 23 SILVER SPRING MD 3:03:43 7:01 3:03:52 7:02
ERIN HOGSTON 34 WILMINGTON NC 3:07:58 7:11 3:08:07 7:11
BRITTANY COPELAND 25 WILMINGTON NC 3:13:32 7:24 3:14:30 7:26
FLAVIA ASAR 33 CHARLOTTE NC 3:16:41 7:31 3:16:55 7:31
BERGEN WATTERSON 34 DURHAM NC 3:24:16 7:48 3:25:07 7:50
SHANNON O’NEIL 22 WILMINGTON NC 3:25:21 7:51 3:26:21 7:53
KRISTEN BAKER 33 SOUTHERN PINES NC 3:26:24 7:53 3:27:26 7:56
LAUREN ECKBERG 32 PHILADELPHIA PA 3:27:14 7:55 3:27:24 7:55
MELANIE WORLEY 21 SYLVANIA OH 3:27:18 7:55 3:28:19 7:58
LAURA LINTNER 30 WINSTON SALEM NC 3:27:21 7:55 3:28:22 7:58
ANNA MOOREFIELD 26 RALEIGH NC 3:27:51 7:56 3:28:33 7:58
TARYN WORST 29 CALEDONIA MI 3:28:21 7:58 3:29:24 8:00
ANNA RUDICEL 25 FORT WAYNE IN 3:29:02 7:59 3:30:06 8:02
GERALDINE WALKER 33 LOUISBURG NC 3:29:13 8:00 3:30:08 8:02
ANGELA SEKELY 22 WILMINGTON NC 3:31:30 8:05 3:32:34 8:07
NICOLE KUHN 33 CAPE CARTERET NC 3:32:12 8:06 3:32:40 8:07
HADYN GAUSE 34 LEXINGTON SC 3:32:43 8:08 3:33:48 8:10
JANALYN BYRNE 27 NORTH CHARLESTON SC 3:33:28 8:09 3:33:49 8:10
NATALIE BYRD 34 CHILLICOTHE OH 3:34:48 8:12 3:35:51 8:15
MERYL SWITZER 34 STANLEY NC 3:34:56 8:13 3:37:05 8:18

FEMALE: 35 – 39

CATHERINE PHILLIPS 39 LYNCHBURG VA 3:08:13 7:12 3:08:55 7:13
BRIDGET PHILLIPS 38 WILMINGTON NC 3:12:04 7:20 3:12:08 7:20
MILA HARRIS 35 SOUTHERN PINES NC 3:24:37 7:49 3:24:46 7:49
ALLISON VANTASSEL 39 ROLESVILLE NC 3:29:14 8:00 3:30:08 8:02
DANA EDWARDS 36 WEDDINGTON NC 3:31:54 8:06 3:32:54 8:08
JENNY WILSON 37 WINTERVILLE NC 3:32:59 8:08 3:34:07 8:11
AMANDA JACOBS 38 WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH NC 3:33:49 8:10 3:34:57 8:13
MCKENZIE HALL 36 NEW BERN NC 3:37:05 8:18 3:37:13 8:18

FEMALE: 40 – 44

BETSY ARMENTROUT 42 WINSTON-SALEM NC 3:09:45 7:15 3:09:55 7:15
ALICE KASSENS 40 FINCASTLE VA 3:16:09 7:30 3:16:19 7:30
JENNIFER BRUCE 41 STANLEY NC 3:34:55 8:13 3:37:05 8:18
JENIFER FEASTER 40 FRAMINGHAM MA 3:43:13 8:32 3:44:31 8:35
KARA SWIERZ 40 LONDONDERRY NH 3:44:06 8:34 3:45:22 8:37
FEMALE: 45 – 49
LINDA HATFIELD 46 APEX NC 3:21:56 7:43 3:22:28 7:44
SARAH GUTTERY 49 TITUSVILLE FL 3:36:22 8:16 3:36:41 8:17
HEIDI STAUB 45 CARY NC 3:44:09 8:34 3:45:23 8:37
CHRISTINE ROCKEY 45 MYRTLE BEACH SC 3:44:11 8:34 3:45:24 8:37
KRISTINE MCCALLUM 45 CHILLICOTHE OH 3:45:11 8:36 3:46:26 8:39
HILARY BOUTWELL 45 MATTHEWS NC 3:51:47 8:51 3:53:14 8:55
CRYSTAL MOORE 48 WILMINGTON NC 3:54:32 8:58 3:57:16 9:04

FEMALE: 50 – 54

ANDREA JOHNSON 52 MUKILTEO WA 3:30:43 8:03 3:31:13 8:04
RUTH CRONIN 50 ST. ALBANS VT 3:42:21 8:30 3:43:10 8:32
BARBARA WAGNER 53 MOUNT PLEASANT SC 3:45:34 8:37 3:46:20 8:39
KAREN TYLER 51 WILMINGTON NC 3:57:19 9:04 3:57:24 9:04

FEMALE: 60 – 64

VIRGINIA PERSONS 60 ATLANTA GA 4:11:38 9:37 4:14:44 9:44
JOANNE GARDNER 60 CHAPEL HILL NC 4:21:46 10:00 4:24:32 10:06
PENNY WILLIAMS 63 TRAPPE MD 4:24:04 10:05 4:26:17 10:10
Name Age CITY/STATE TagTime Pace GunTime Pace

MALE: 18 – 34

BRANDON DIBIANCA 28 PINEHURST NC 2:53:21 6:37 2:53:24 6:38

MALE: 35 – 39

WALT GUYER 35 CHARLOTTE NC 2:43:46 6:16 2:43:50 6:16
MATTHEW REEP 38 NEWTON NC 2:58:55 6:50 2:58:59 6:50
GARY WILHELM 39 MORRISVILLE NC 3:04:31 7:03 3:04:45 7:04
DAVID HILL 37 HAMPSTEAD NC 3:04:50 7:04 3:04:59 7:04
DEREK GOMEZ 39 LEXINGTON SC 3:06:22 7:07 3:06:25 7:07
GREG MILLS 38 BONAIRE GA 3:07:53 7:11 3:08:19 7:12
TORY WAGONER 39 PFAFFTOWN NC 3:08:34 7:12 3:08:41 7:13
JOHN DOHERTY 37 ATLANTA GA 3:08:40 7:13 3:08:48 7:13
RASMUS PEDERSEN 39 CHARLOTTE NC 3:08:44 7:13 3:08:54 7:13
FRANK PEPP 35 MYRTLE BEACH SC 3:09:40 7:15 3:09:49 7:15

MALE: 40 – 44

MICHAEL ENZ 40 SALEM VA 2:55:56 6:43 2:56:01 6:44
NOLAN FOLTZ 43 CENTENNIAL CO 3:08:30 7:12 3:08:36 7:12
MICHAEL MARIANI 40 GREER SC 3:11:42 7:19 3:11:51 7:20
MICHAEL WELKER 42 HOLLY SPRINGS NC 3:13:56 7:25 3:14:50 7:27
STEVE MCCLURE 40 LINCOLNTON NC 3:14:32 7:26 3:14:39 7:26
RYAN BABCOCK 40 RALEIGH NC 3:14:40 7:26 3:14:45 7:26
TONY GRECCO 44 CARY NC 3:14:49 7:27 3:15:19 7:28

MALE: 45 – 49

MICHAEL STEVENSON 47 GREENSBORO NC 3:02:36 6:59 3:02:44 6:59
KEVIN DOYLE 49 CARY NC 3:05:03 7:04 3:05:13 7:05
JASON GREENGRASS 46 CARY NC 3:08:45 7:13 3:08:57 7:13
PHILIP VAN TUBBERGH 45 HILLSBOROUGH NC 3:18:34 7:35 3:18:49 7:36
WAYNE DEESE 45 ABERDEEN NC 3:23:32 7:47 3:23:40 7:47
RICK POPLASKI 48 WILMINGTON NC 3:23:56 7:47 3:24:24 7:49

MALE: 50 – 54

MARK COLLINS 54 BOULDER CO 3:27:25 7:55 3:27:38 7:56
MARK BASQUILL 54 WILMINGTON NC 3:27:31 7:56 3:28:32 7:58
GARY LEONARD 51 APEX NC 3:28:41 7:58 3:28:53 7:59
DAVID PAIT 50 ROANOKE VA 3:29:14 8:00 3:30:08 8:02

MALE: 55 – 59

STUART ROSS 55 WILMINGTON NC 3:19:25 7:37 3:19:52 7:38
WILLIAM BLOCK 59 WILMINGTON NC 3:31:07 8:04 3:31:58 8:06
DARREL WELLS 57 GREENSBORO NC 3:32:53 8:08 3:33:55 8:10
REX MORGAN 56 SIMPSONVILLE SC 3:37:57 8:20 3:38:58 8:22

MALE: 60 – 64

RANDY RICHARDSON 63 WILMINGTON NC 3:43:56 8:33 3:44:12 8:34
MICHAEL WILLETS 61 NEW CARLISLE OH 3:45:46 8:37 3:47:02 8:40

MALE: 65 – 69

JIM HUFF 66 FORT MILLS SC 4:07:58 9:28 4:12:08 9:38

Qualities of a Top Notch Race | How to Choose the Best

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Wow have road races grown.  I think you can pick from a handful of 5Ks every weekend, a half marathon within driving distance every month or in some cases every weekend, and even a marathon, Spartan race, mud run or color run every month.  It is a booming era of endurance events and race directors are doing everything they can to lure people to their events through marketing, medals, free beer and scenic courses.

But are you getting the most bang for your buck?  Are races thinking of YOU first or are they thinking how can they save money in every corner?  From what I have seen, race participant fees have gone way up.  The average price of a 5K now seems to be $35.00, Half Marathons are around $80 to $100 and Marathons are $100 to $130.  I think I saw a Spartan race was $200 to register.  So if prices are increasing, are you getting more?

As a race director, here are the following things we look for in races to succeed.

Safety First!  Pick a race that is safe.  You know you have road closures and lane closures to keep cars and runners separate.  They have visible police and medical on site for any accidents.  The course has volunteers visible in all directions at all times, you are never too far from help.  In 2011 we had a gentleman that suffered Cardiac Arrest at the 13 mile marker.  There were several people around him and one happened to call 911 and begin CPR.  The man lived, and having all of those people around was the key to saving him.

How about the Quality of your timer.  Timing needs to be on point.  I think seeing my results later that day with my splits is a realistic expectation.  Of course timers have glitches in technology and want to make sure they have all of the correct results posted before making them live.  So I will give a race a timeline that by dinner time, the results should be posted.  The race website should display a clear link to results, whether that is a link to the race timers website or not.  A participant should not have to google search the results for the race and have to find them through the race timers website.  The other perks like LIVE TIMING AND RESULTS TEXTING are a great bonus.  Live timing is definitely expensive and is getting better each year, but I do realize as a race director that it is costly and is not crucial to every race.

How about Race SWAG and T-shirts.  So race fees have gone up, but race directors are still spending $3 to $5 on your t-shirt.  I don’t care who you are, a $5 T-shirt is not a quality t-shirt.  You get what you pay for.  When you go to a race, why are you not getting the best?  Why is your race director not spending your rising participant fees on a good quality shirt with killer art?  The T-shirt and the medal are the 2 things you actually take home from the race.  After the event is done, you finished, the banners come down, the course is taken apart, and the memories, T-shirt and medal are it.  So when you get a piece of junk that fits all weird and has a print on the front that is unflattering….to me that is laziness.

Spectators and Spectator friendliness.  I have been a runner 20 year and I like to see my support team.  Spectators and people cheering you on are the most motivating part of the race and I think that is what is fun about racing.  I can go out any day and run 13 miles with a group of people, but when I pay for a race I want to run through crowds that help me a long with their energy.  One of the reasons I made the Quinitles Wrightsville Beach Marathon course 2 loops was so that spectators could watch and the community could get more involved.  Let’s be realistic, unless you are a big marathon like Boston, NY, Chicago or any other big city marathon, it is hard to get smaller city races to get the big crowds over 13.1 or 26.2 miles.  If the race directors rally enough and get the community involved in many ways….the fans will come and also support teams can see their runners more than once.

The little things.  I think paying attention to the little things makes the big picture look smooth.  Of course you want to check list the big things and make sure those are covered, but then spend your energy on the details of the race that participants notice when they are not there.  A few examples of this:

Our 2015 medals have all the metrics on them – something fun and different
Packet pickup should be seamless and easy to park, without lines.  We don’t want to make you wait forever.
Finish line food tent should be accessible and fun for the athletes
Have enough bathrooms for gosh sake.  People need to go, we know that, so we provide 80 bathrooms at the start, there is never a line
Pre-race meetings. We hold 3 of them for participants to come ask questions and go over the race with the race director.  This is fun and puts a lot of clarity into the event.  Many people do not read all of the details online.  Even though the details are there, explaining it in person is much better

Thank You Participants, Volunteers and Sponsors! Results, Race Photos, Apparel and More….

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On behalf of our Staff, the City of Wilmington, the town of Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover County, and the community of Landfall, THANK YOU for choosing the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness presented by Landfall Realty as your spring race!  Each year we look forward to you having the best experience when you race with us!

Thank you to our sponsors!  We could not do this event without their help.  Please check out their links at the end of this email – they give us the opportunities to make QWB what it is!

Thank you to our Volunteers who spent their weekend helping!  Over $30,000.00 will be donated again to Charities, Churches and Local Volunteer Groups.

Early Bird Registration opens May 1st, 2014

SAVE THE DATES: March 20-22, 2015!

Results, Pictures, Apparel
The 2015 Half Marathon will be the USATF North Carolina State Championship for the 2nd Year! 

  • 2014 Results Listed Here.  All age group and overall awards are based on Gun Time.  
    • In 2015, Overall and Masters overall will still be Gun time, however, Age Group results will be changed to chip time per USA Track and Field.
  • Thank You Land Rover Cape Fear for providing all participants with FREE PICTURES.  Your pictures should have been personally emailed to you.  Of course not all bibs could be captured and you can search for your picture by clicking here.  There are some FUNNY PICS!  Nice job everyone!
  • LAST CHANCE TO GET A 2014 QWBM Tee.  We know you loved your orange t-shirt so why not have 2 for an extremely great deal?!?  Just $10 per shirt including shipping costs!  Unbeatable for a Without Limits shirt that is the first of its kind in the marketplace!
While buying your QWBM Shirt check out the other apparel items for sale.  
Live your life Without Limits!
Thank You Staff and Volunteers

Tom Clifford – Race Director
Jason Adams – Co-Race Director
Sami Winter – Volunteer Coordinator
Matt Willis – Aid Stations
Annette Clifford – Apparel, Expo, Finish Line
Kristen Smith – Finish Line, Entertainment
Jen Peterken – Transportation, 5K Volunteers
Tom Crichton – Marketing, Sponsorships
Kathryn Nixon – Volunteer and Pasta Dinner
Avery Wilmeth – Landfall Coodinator
Brian Bohrer – Relay Exchange and Pacer Set Up
Kyle Shepard – Course Engineering and Logistics
Colin Hackman -5K Director, Elite Coordinator
Annie Sullivan -Coodinator Wrightsville Beach Area
Steve Burdt – Landfall Foundation Liason
Sandy Slocum – Landfall COA
Jeremy Davis – Timing
Joy Sessoms – MEDICAL
Hans Edwards – MEDICAL Emergency Unit
Jimmy Sessoms – Head Traffic Control
Russel James – Landfall Security
Scott Johnson – ANNOUNCER
Chris Schwartz – WB POLICE
Frank Smith- WB Fire
Bob Kiehlmeier – Communications
 Paige Kon – MAYFAIRE

Katie Ryan – Wrightsville Beach
Matt Burns – 2nd Accessories Cone Crew
Scott Goodyear- EMS
Morgan Osborne- Communications and planning


Other Upcoming Events 

Mountain to Sea Challenge





Athlete Event Information: IMPORTANT (email send Monday 3/10)

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Pre-Event Email Information

Dear Athletes


Get ready for the Marathon Madness weekend!  We hope you are excited, ready to have a blast and looking forward to enjoying a full weekend of running events!  Please read the following information carefully as all information is very important and critical toward your experience here in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Event Rules
PARTICIPANT BIBS: Every competitor shall be provided with number bibs, which must be worn conspicuously on the FRONT when competing. The number bibs are to be worn as issued, cutting or folding numbers is not permitted. No athlete shall be permitted to participate in any competition without the appropriate number bib. Half marathon runners will wear BLUE bibs; Marathon Runners will wear YELLOW bibs.  Runners are responsible for checking their bib for accuracy. Runners may not switch races without authorization and without obtaining the appropriate bib.
HEADPHONES – While it is not illegal to use headphones – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LISTENING TO VOLUNTEERS.  Keep your headphones at an appropriate level so you can hear instructions from any course volunteer or race committee member.    It is your responsibility to know the course and adhere to any instructions given.
RUNNER INTEGRITY – Please be courteous of other participating runners and this includes letting faster runners pass.  Also remember this is a double loop course and you may pass slower runners.  Encourage them and pass with care
NO BIKE PACING – No bikes are allowed in Landfall, you may not pace a runner on a bike.  If you get caught, your runner will be disqualified. 


COURSE SAFETY – In consideration of the safety of all participants, NO HAND CYCLES, STROLLERS, BABY JOGGERS, BABIES IN CARRIERS/BACKPACKS, IN-LINE SKATES, SKATEBOARDS, BICYCLES OR ANIMALS ON LEASHES will be allowed on the course. This will be strictly enforced.
Race Weekend Important Information
    You must pick up your bib at the expo Friday from 4PM to 8PM or Saturday from 11AM to 6PM.  There is no race morning packet pickup.  The expo is in Mayfaire shopping center behind World Market and HHGREGG.  Click below for locations and to look up your bib number.  You will need your number for packet pickup.
  • TRANSFERS and REGISTRATION – If you missed the online transfer on Feb. 24th, you can transfer at the expo for $10.00.  We will issue you a new bib with your name, age, and information.  Also Registration for ALL events will be open at the expo if you have friends or family wanting to register.
  • ATHLETE MEETINGS – Please attend one of our 3 pre-event athlete Information Sessions to ask any questions and go over the course.  All session will be at the expo tent.
    • Friday at 6:30PM
    • Saturday at 12:00PM
    • Saturday at 3:00PM – meet your pacer here
  • RACE MORNING TRANSPORTATION – The best option will be to park at the finish line and take our buses to the start. ARRIVE AT THE BUS PICKUP EARLY.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.  Buses begin at 4:45am and End at 6:15am.  ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE AT THE START BY 6:15AM.  Bus Pickup is in the Mayfaire Shopping Center next to Trysports.
  • POST RACE TRANSPORTATION and ICE BATH – If you decided to park at the beach for the start, you can take a trolley back to the beach from the finish line.  You can also take a van to Accent Physical Therapy to get an ice bath for $10.00.  For questions about the ice bath call John at (910) 256-6999.  This is the same pickup location as race morning.
  • EARLY BIRD START – 6:15AM.  This is ONLY for people who cannot make the 4 mile check point (14:30pace) or mile 15 mile check point (13:00 pace).  If you are one of these athletes it is your choice to start early, you must check in at the timing table at the expo.  We will mark your bib and put you in the computer starting early.  ONLY USE THIS START IF NECESSARY – this is a chip time only start.  If you do not check in at the expo with our timers, you CAN NOT start at 6:15AM or you will be disqualified with no time or finish.
  • OFFICIAL GUN TIME START – 6:45AM  There will be 2 corrals split up by time.  Corrals will start right after each other.
  • WRIST BAND -FULL MARATHON – You must get a  yellow/orange wrist band at mile 19. You need this to get your official finish time.
  • NUTRITION – Gatorade and Hammer Gels will be at aid stations for nutrition.  For the Marathon you will have oranges and bananas at the mile 19 aid station on your 2nd loop.
  • ELI’s 1 MILE RUN – will be at 8:45AM at the Mayfaire Event Field
  • WB 5K will be at 5:00PM at the Mayfaire Event Field
  • PASTA DINNER: with FRANK SHORTER – There are still tickets left for the 2014 Quintiles Pasta Dinner.  This will be our biggest one yet with over 250 people.  You can still buy tickets for the pasta dinner at the expo in Mayfaire Shopping Center.
  • FREE PARTICIPANT PHOTOS – Smile near mile 5, 12, 17.5 and 25 courtesy of Land Rover Cape Fear!  Photos will be emailed to you as soon as they are uploaded


This email was sent to by |
Without Limits Coaching | 8 Latimer St | Wrightsville Beach | NC | 28480


Latest Participant Info – Last Day to Transfer – T-Shirts – Win $200.00 Visa Gift Card

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Monday 2/24 is the LAST DAY TO TRANSFER YOUR REGISTRATION from PERSON TO PERSON or RACE TO RACE.  Please go to the website – click on Transfers on the Top Menu Bar – Log In – Click on MY REGISTERED RACES – and then TRANSFERS

Monday 2/24 is also the LAST DAY TO CHANGE YOUR T-SHIRT SIZE.  Follow the same steps above except after you Click on MY REGISTERED RACED – Click on GIVEAWAY.

While you are logged in to your account – go to QUESTIONS if you would like to change your estimated finish time or your college team.  Estimated finish will determine if you are in Corral 1 or Corral 2.  Your Favorite college team will be listed under your name on your BIB.

WIN a $200.00 VISA GIFT CARD. – From now until March 7th (the last day of online registration)  We will be doing REFERRAL TRACKING.  If you would like to participate in this, please email  I will generate a referral code for you that you can pass along to anybody registering for any of our events these last 2 weeks.  ELI’s 1 MILE RUN, 5K, HALF, FULL or MARTHON RELAY.  The person with the most referrals will receive a $200.00 visa gift card and anyone who refers 10 or more participants you will receive a free entry into the 2015 race. This is our way of thanking you for your help spreading the word about all of our events!  The TOP 10 REFERRAL LEADERS WILL BE LISTED ON OUR HOME PAGE at  The sooner you email us, the more time you will have to refer people.  This is easy, all you need to do is post your referral number link that will be generated on facebook and spread the word.
(to win the $200.00 gift card you must have a minimum of 5 referrals)

Thanks You and see you March 14th-16th

A Message from the Race Director

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We are 6 weeks away from the 5th Annual Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness Weekend!

My staff and I want to personally thank you for participating in the 2014 event. We are excited to give you one of the best race experiences in the nation! We are “running junkies” and enjoy putting on an event that we know runners will love.

As we get closer to the race, we will send out updates so you are clear about what to expect race weekend. Please stay tuned to the website, social media, and your email to receive these updates.

Please start planning for the following pieces of information:


Come ask any questions, go over the course, and understand the logistics for the event. These meetings will take place at the expo tent on the Mayfaire Town Center Mall Event Field at the following times:

Friday at 6:30PM

Saturday at 12:00PM

Saturday at 3:00PM (meet your pacer if you would like to be in a pace group).


We are still waiting on the official word about the Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge Construction being completed by race day but will send out details as soon as we can.RACE START: The official Gun Time Race Start will be at 6:45AM for both the half and the full marathon. There are two course check points that we ask participants to be able to meet.

Mile 4:

All half and full participants need to be clear of mile 4 by holding a 14:30 per mile pace.

Mile 15:

(WB BRIDGE on the 2nd loop) Marathoners must be over the bridge by 10:00AM. There are NO exceptions. You will be pulled from the course if you do not meet this cut off. This measure is in place for safety reasons. At 10AM the draw bridge will be allowed to open to passing boats.


If you are unsure about meeting these cutoffs we have an early start option for you at 6:15AM (30 min ahead of the race). This option is a personal decision. When you come to the expo for packet pickup, you will look for the RED SIGN THAT SAYS EARLY START OPTION. This is ONLY for participants who need extra time. The early start will be a chip time only and you are not eligible for any awards using the 6:15AM start. Relays will NOT be allowed to start early.


Our race is known for giving away high quality t-shirts that everyone loves to wear. We want you to give you the best fitting T-shirt. If you have run our race the last 2 years, you are familiar with the Without Limits Brand T-shirt. They run about 1 size smaller than normal and are an athletic fit. If you are unsure, please order 1 size up from your normal boxy tee that you might have received at another race. Just reply to this email and we will make the change for you. Please make this change now as you will be unable to change t-shirt sizes at the expo.


We are nearing our race cap of 3000 in the half and the full. Please pass the following information to your friends and family that if they are training, they might want to secure their spot immediately.


A great option for friends or groups that do not want to complete a HALF or FULL. The marathon relay is a 2 or 3 person team or the 5K. The legs of the relay are LEG #1 – 11 miles, LEG #2 – 5.2 miles and LEG #3 – 10 miles. Marathon relay participants each get a medal and a t-shirt.


The 3 Pointer Challenge consists of the HALF OR FULL, 5K and 1 mile. A unique gift will be given to anybody that does all three of our events.


The pasta dinner is filling up fast! 2x Olympic Gold Medalist FRANK SHORTER will be our 2014 Speaker. Get your pasta dinner tickets before they sell out!


Our expo, pasta dinner and race course are college themed. We encourage you to show your school spirit by running in your favorite college team gear! There will be an award for best dressed college themed participant on race day.

We are excited for March 16th weekend. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We want to make sure you can 100% focus on the race and have a fun weekend . This is our area’s biggest timed event, and we are thrilled that you are part of it!

Good luck with your training. We look forward to seeing you all soon!!!

Tom Clifford, Race Director