Registration For 2019 Wilmington / Wrightsville Beach, NC
March 8-9, 2019
Your Marathon Training Starts Now

Without Limits can help you reach your goals in your next race. Whether it is through our online coaching program or wearing our apparel, we want you to Embrace the Challenge in your next event!  Do work, Embrace the Challenge, say I AM WITHOUT LIMITS!

26.2 | Full Marathon

The Full Marathon is the perfect Boston Marathon qualifying event because it’s fast, flat, and notorious for being the backdrop for setting personal bests. The course runs through Wrightsville Beach, Landfall, and winds up at UNCW’s campus. Let the Intracoastal Waterway be your guide as you take on this scenic path for runners of all skill levels.

“You may be getting overrun with e-ml’s and not see this, but I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent communication for this past weekend’s event.  I did the half-marathon, my first time running in the Wilmington area.  Of the 40+ events I’ve done over the years, mostly in the Charlotte NC area, this was by far the best.  I especially appreciated the encouraging words and clear & concise e-ml’s.  The logistics could’ve been challenging, if not for your communications.  Thank you and I look forward to doing it again.”

Take care,


Sincerely, Brian

13.1 | Half Marathon

Designed to test your limits, the Half-Marathon guides runners on a fast-paced trip around Wrightsville Beach’s waterfront. As well as being a qualifying race, this run is also a popular one with veterans and first-time marathoners alike. Known for the flat terrain and plenty of straightaways, the course provides space for family and friends to cheer you on to victory.

“Greetings from Colorado….
I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a great race you put on Saturday. In the last six years, I have run quite a few marathons, trying to run one in every state. Normally I can find at least one complaint with a marathon, but honestly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with Wrightsville Beach.

Your level of communication was just right….a happy cheerful tone to each email, instructions and directions for parking and expo were perfect, shuttle service was perfect, the weather was perfect, hotel information and reservations were easy, the gated community we ran thru was so lovely and I LOVED North Carolina!!!”

Thank You

26.2 Relay | Marathon Relay

Grab a friend (or three) and get ready to cover some ground! The Marathon Relay is the perfect opportunity to perfect your skills as a team, with flat course expanses and a route that takes each of you through an iconic part of Wilmington or the Wrightsville Beach area. The exchanges happen quickly, so make sure each runner is ready to go, right from the starting line.

Zoom into our detailed maps of the course

Whether you are a runner looking to win your age group or a first time marathoner, you need to know the course.  Zoom into our interactive maps to be sure you are familiar with course logistics.

All Maps and logistics here

5K | Great Beginner Race

If you’re not a hardcore runner, the 5K is a great place to start. Less intense than a full or half-marathon, the 5K provides a manageable course that makes it easy to mark your progress along the way. Show off all your hard work and use this flat, maintained course to improve your skills as a runner.

“Just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding race you put on every year.  WB Half Marathon is my favorite event.  Well done!  I do a lot of half marathons and when I take their surveys, I can never in good conscience check (x) “the best” under their questions because your race is simply the best. Don’t let it get to you about the medals!  That stuff happens in business.  I run a business and we get curve balls every day.  You handled it with class.  I saw you and your friends running Sunday morning (I was about to go back over the bridge) and I noticed you picking up trash along the route.  That just shows the amount of class in which you operate.  Thank You”

Thank You, Matt

1MILE | Run Walk

Enjoy the company of friends, family, and fellow runners on this gentle course in comfortable coastal weather. Great for including the kids and dusting off those running shoes, this course is flat and easily navigated, so you and your running partners can move at your own pace to the finish line.

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    Here's a #TuesdayTip from our race director, Tom @tclifford626 . What about you guys? What's your go-to fuel for a big race? #iamwithoutlimits #runningwithtom
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    #tbt Miss that price increase deadline? You’re in luck! Take $10 off your registration for the full, half or relay using promo code 10OFFWBM. Hurry - offer’s good only through Friday, 8/3 by 11:59pm ET! #wbmarathon #marathon #10years #halfmarathon
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    Reminder, prices increase $15.00 Wednesday. #marathon #halfmarathon #10years #wbmarathon Register:
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  • 7 Jul, 2018
    A lot of our runners say crossing the drawbridge at sunrise is one of their favorite moments of the race. What's your favorite part of our course?
  • 4 Jul, 2018
    Happy 4th we always love your reviews and appreciate our freedom. We look forward to seeing you all in 2019 for our 10-year anniversary! #wbmarathon
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    We're so glad you had a good experience, thanks for making the trip from Colorado! As always, we LOVE hearing from you guys so keep tagging us in your photos and reviews. #wbmarathon #marathontraining #marathon #wrightsvillebeach #wilmingtonnc
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    Hey.... we're 252 days out, but why not have the medals ready for year 10. #boom #marathonmedals #racemedals #medals Register for the 10th annual
  • 18 May, 2018
    A PR, that's what we like to hear!! "Another 13.1 on the books. Prettiest, most well organized race I've run in a long time. (Doesn't hurt that it's super flat and fast, PR BABY!) (📷 @ecfeeny) Keep tagging us in your photos to be featured on #FanFriday
  • 8 May, 2018
    Did you know you can give Wrightsville Beach Marathon entry as a gift? Something to keep in mind, with Mother's Day around the corner! (You can make a family day out of it, like @rn_ash_26.2) Marathon gift certificate --> Half-Marathon gift certificate -->
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    "Breaking into spring. Running at life with a smile. Feeling accomplished." @tiny_runner_girl We love that positive attitude! 🌞 Keep sharing your photos using #WbMarathon fo a chance to be featured. 2019 date is March 9th. #markyourcalendars #marathon #10years #embracethechallenge #iamwithoutlimits #uncw #WBMarathon #wrightsvillebeach #wilmingtonnc
  • 4 May, 2018
    The SAVE8 discount code ends tonight (Friday May 4th) at 11:59pm. Get in for just $57 in the half and $67 in the full using the code SAVE8. This is all part of our 10 years of Marathon Madness year and we hope you will join us March 9th, 2019! Register:
  • 2 May, 2018
    We've just opened up registration for the 2019 Wrightsville Beach Marathon, so now's the time to sign up. Don't miss out on our 10th anniversary year! #iamwithoutlimits #WBMarathon #embracethechallenge #wrightsvillebeach #marathon
  • 30 Apr, 2018
    Join us March 9th, 2019 for 10 years of #marathonmadness #WBMarathon
  • 6 Apr, 2018
    "This race was very sentimental to me for various reasons. When I left Kenya and moved to the US, Wilmington was the first place I settled down. I promised my father that I would finish college and enrolled at UNCW. I wrote a letter letting him know that I was fulfilling my promise. He passed away before the letter got there. I had to take some time off to deal with his passing and travel back to Kenya. Several year later, I graduated from UNCW with two young children by my side. Wrightsville Beach was our go to place for years. I moved away but the connection remains. This year, the marathon happened to be on my birthday so I decided to celebrate my 54th birthday running my 4th and last marathon. My friends rode with me to cheer and others to run the half while they waited for me. We had dinner at the Oceanic the night before. After the marathon we got on stage and danced the soreness away. We shut it down. This is a great course and well organized. Because of this race, I decided that was not my last marathon. Next year we want to return in truck loads and take over the stage again!!" @uncwilmington @uncw_campuslife @uncwseahawkclub @uncw.alumni

Just want to tell you how much i enjoyed the race. I've run in several marathons and consider this the best organized from start to finish. I did set a new personal best and my son-in-law qualified for The Boston Marathon. A Big Thank You to all the volunteers and of coarse to you for all the hard work it takes to make this a success. I live in Sugar Land Texas just to let you know this was no small trip. Again THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL.

Sincerely, James
P.S. The after race celebrations were excellent.

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